Letters from Readers - June 14, 2010

Sara Schwartz
Most green jobs went to foreign firms

Re: "Billions for green jobs, whatever they are," June 11

It is incredible that the federal government spent billions of dollars on so-called "green jobs" without having any definition of what a green job is.

Worse, 79 percent of the stimulus package's green-jobs funding has gone to foreign firms, effectively replacing American jobs with foreign "green jobs."

And many so-called "green jobs," like ethanol production, actually harm the environment. Ethanol subsidies result in deforestation, soil erosion and water pollution. By shrinking food supplies and driving up food prices, they also cause famine, starvation and food riots in poor countries like Afghanistan.

Yet the Obama administration has been a big supporter of ethanol subsidies and mandates, falsely depicting them as "clean energy" investments.

Hans Bader

="text-align:> Freedom only one reason for American prosperity

Re: "We prosper because we're free to choose," June 10

I suspect there is much truth to John Stossel's argument that "We prosper because we're free to choose," though I think he is too quick to dismiss the role of natural resources and fails to even consider the subsidies we enjoy due to previously amassed capital and being the beneficiary of the world's reserve currency.

But his question "Why did America prosper when most of the world's people are still poor?" was answered best by Pulitzer Prize winning author Jared Diamond in his book "Guns, Germs and Steel." There is a nice documentary based on his book that you can view on YouTube. It's worth your time.

Carl Henn

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