Liberal elite Alec Baldwin amplifies his personalilty online

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Alec Baldwin has suddenly jumped to the forefront of the news lately: First, with his stated desire to run for New York City mayor, then with his controversial defense of Anthony Weiner on Huffington Post and his lashing out at HuffPo readers on Twitter.

It’s been a whirlwind week for the actor, culminating in a new website meant to…well…I’m not sure what exactly, but it seems to be an early positioning for a possible run at mayor.

I’ve looked over his site so you don’t have to.

Peppered with “causes” and articles about politics and art and philharmonics and other stuffy things, the real kicker to the site is Baldwin’s self-penned bio.

If Microsoft Word still had the auto-summary function, this is what I think the About page would look like: 

Hi, I’m Alec Baldwin. Look at that really nice thing someone said about me. It’s true. I’m an actor (heavy emphasis on the tor). I’m into politics. I did some amateur studying on some things like campaign finance and nuclear reactors (renaissance man—emphasis on the nai), so you know I’m smart. NYU knows it too, that’s why they gave me this super meaningful honorary doctorate. I like the Yankees (because all NYC mayors like the Yankees, wink—emphasis on the cliché). Allow me to list a bunch of really famous people I know and count among my friends. This website is to serve you better in letting you know what I think.

Imagine all this spoken to you in a metered, hushed tone, Baldwin’s hand on your shoulder. That’s how it reads. He comes off as a real-life Jack Donaghy (his character on 30 Rock), except instead of snidely name-dropping heavy hitters from the Right, he sanctimoniously numbers his dear friends on the Left and in the Hollywood Elite.

And it’s a crock. Baldwin’s upset that people supposedly misinterpreted his comments on Weiner. They called him out for excusing Weiner’s actions and he yelled something more or less along the lines of, “Nu-uh, D-bags!

It’s a fantastic look at the liberal politician, celebrity, what have you. Compassionate, justice-minded, striving for equality and civility…until the unclean masses dare to cross him and his honorary-doctorate-informed, celebrity-endorsed opinion.

When Baldwin’s pontificating as mayor of New York, don’t say I didn’t warn you, D-bags.


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