Liberals tell Obama to bring the pain

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LIBERALS TELL OBAMA: BRING THE PAIN - President Obama’s political base is getting worried as pressure builds on him to abandon his “no negotiations” stance over the partial federal shutdown and looming debt-limit breach. The Pentagon decision to suspend death benefits for families of troops killed in Afghanistan is prompting outrage over the Obama administration’s handling of the partial shutdown. Republicans continue to pass legislation that would restore full funding for essential programs, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid continues his blockade and the president has promised vetoes of several mini-spending bills. Obama told reporters Tuesday that he would not allow emergency funding because he wanted to keep the “political heat” on Republicans. But Americans are unlikely to tolerate such gamesmanship where war widows are involved.

[“This is an on-purpose, in-your-face, middle finger…to military families.” – former Marine combat veteran, Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., to Megyn Kelly on “The Kelly File | Watch Fox: Hunter is scheduled to appear in the noon ET hour today.]

A path takes shape - Despite more tough talk on Tuesday, the president also opened the door for a short-term increase in the debt limit to provide time for negotiations. While House Speaker John Boehner rebuffed Obama’s demand for what the speaker called “unconditional surrender,” a path around the current impasse is  starting to take shape. A move earlier in the day by House Republicans to create a new committee to hash out budget disputes with Senate Democrats suggests that something like the 2011 “supercommittee” that resulted in current caps on spending, known as “sequestration.” But while Obama and Boehner were shadowboxing, Democrats were growing concerned, but for different reasons.

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