Lobster Jambalaya Recipe Video

June 04, 2014 AT 4:54 PM
Alright, It's summertime, the grill is out, it's time to grill up some delicious lobster tails, and some exquisite lobster jambalaya. This is a great dish to serve friends during the summer months, and it's packed full of intense flavors that'll leave your guests asking for seconds and thirds. Here's what you'll need: -Lobster Tails (For grilling) -Lobster heads (For the stock) -Chorizo -Scallops -Shrimp -Roasted Garlic -Ancho Paste -Chipotles -Your choice of fresh veggies -Rice -Onions -Cumin -Ground Coriander -Tomatoes -Butter -Olive Oil -Fresh Cilantro -Bay Leaf -Fresh Cream -Brown Sugar