Locals to tourists: Stand to the right

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Visitors from out of town should avoid riding Metro during rush hour, locals warn the hordes of tourists that are swarming the streets of D.C. this week.

One vendor selling ice cream and drinks near the Lincoln Memorial also offered advice about tourists using Metro escalators.

"On the Metro, when I'm coming here to work, everybody knows, 'right side, you stand, left hand you walk up.' You say 'excuse me,' but they just don't move," said the man, who declined to give his name because he's not allowed to speak with media.

While waiting to catch the afternoon bus on I Street in downtown D.C. on Tuesday, several commuters referenced the Metro escalator problem, but also gave other advice.

"Get some ideas for places to eat before you come down here because there's so many restaurants and not all of them are good and none of them are really cheap, either," said Judy Naquin, who works at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Naquin also discouraged tourists from driving as they tour the monuments and landmarks. "There's really no parking for them," she said.

D.C. consultant Caleb Slaton encouraged visitors short on time to avoid the city's famous cupcake shop, as there are other faster options.

"Don't just go to Georgetown Cupcake," said Slaton, referencing the popular designer cupcakery that is the subject of a TLC reality series. "There's more to see than Georgetown Cupcake. Have you seen the line recently?" - Alex Pappas

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