Mainstream Media Scream: NBC's Brian Williams hits GOP 'Suicide Caucus'

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This week's Mainstream Media Scream features "NBC Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams on "The Late Show with David Letterman," slamming the House GOP as a “suicide caucus” holding up action in Congress.

Brian Williams: “It's about the results of the last election. It's about a standing law for three years. It's about a small --they've been called 'the suicide caucus' in the U.S. House, about 80 members. They come from districts where Obama lost by an average of 23 points. They come from districts where they won by an average of 34 points. Very safe seats. They tend to be more white, more conservative districts than other congressional districts. And right now they have a hold on the House of Representatives. Certainly on the speaker, John Boehner. And that is what is doing this right now.”

Letterman: “Is this — a friend of mine was saying today that this is classic obstructionism, is that correct?”

Williams: “You can label it that. It’s been called a political hostage taking, it’s been called political extortion. You’ve heard the vitriol and the rhetoric this week. But right now, because of this caucus, this cabal, nothing moves.”

Media Research Center Vice President of Research Brent Baker explains our pick: “Williams tries to play an impartial anchor on NBC, but letting loose a bit on a late night show, he exposed how his personal views align perfectly with liberal disdain for conservatives — an attitude reflected in widespread journalistic contempt for House Republicans. Can you imagine him ever using the pejorative ‘cabal’ term for liberal Democrats?”

Rating: Four out of five screams.

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