Man douses self, SUV in gas, slams into ex's home New Mexico
January 22, 2011 AT 12:25 AM
the man police say doused himself with gasoline and then drove it into his ex-girlfriend's house is now charged with attempted murder and aggravated arson. tonight we're learning more about the suspect's criminal history-- and his rocky relationship with his ex. kayla anderson is live at the scene in northeast albuquerque-- near louisiana and lomas-- with the our big story. 59-year-old steven gallegos is facing several charges. new at five -- we have the 911 call-- which lays out the scene-- one frantic moment after another. "this guy crashed into the front porch of my girlfriend's house and now his car's on fire." ryan randall was the only one home when 59- year-old steven gallegos crashed his suv into this house-- near louisiana and lomas. his panic- stricken call to 911 shows the absolute shock that unfolded. "sir, you said it's 1204 mesilla, is that right. yes. st the whole house is catching fire. fk. " randall says his girlfriend and her two daughters had just left-- about five minutes before gallegos crashed into the house. he ran out-- shocked that gallegos was still in the flaming car. his legs still shaking-- he talked to us afterward about what he saw next. "the guy apparently caught fire inside his durango and the neighbor tackled him and so the police could arrest him." we've learned the victim had a restraining order against gallegos...and the former couple had a long history of domestic violence. "we believe he poured gasoline all over the vehicle, which made it explode." this is his mug shot taken in 2002-- after gallegos was arrested in las vegas for domestic violence. this morning gallegos was taken to the hospital for 3rd degree burns. police say he admitted everything. "detectives have been interviewing him. he did confess and that's where our investigation is at this point." police have added more charges-- to now include attempted second degree murder, arson, aggravated stalking, and criminal damage to property. he'll be arrested once he's released from the hospital. we'll play more of the 911 call for you tonight at six. reporting live from northeast albuquerque, kayla anderson, kob eyewitness news 4. in the last half