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Mark Pryor: 'I'm trying to stop' Tom Cotton from raising Medicare eligibility age

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Mark Pryor says he's "trying to stop" his Republican challenger Tom Cotton from raising the Medicare eligibility age.

The Democratic senator from Arkansas, who's running for a third term, says in an ad released on Monday that he "wrote the Medicare Protection Act to stop politicians from destroying Medicare.

"My legislation makes it harder to raise the age of eligibility or to turn Medicare over to the insurance industry," says Pryor. "My opponent voted to withhold benefits until age 70, and I'm trying to stop that."

Pryor is referencing Cotton's support for Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan's proposal to reform Medicare, which would apply to citizens who are no older than 56 in 2014.

Cotton's campaign responded to similar attacks in February as "trying to mislead and scare Arkansas seniors with their Washington-style attack ads."

Pryor's campaign is spending six figures on the ad, according to Talking Points Memo, which first reported the story.

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