Martin O'Malley will run in 2016 even if Hillary Clinton does

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Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley will run for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, even if Hillary Clinton officially decides to run.

Though nearly seven in 10 Democrats say they have never heard of the governor — who has been in office since 2006 — Democratic fundraisers say O’Malley has told them he will still run so she will “face at least some competition” from an “established elected official,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

O’Malley "told me flat out he's going to run either way," a Democratic fundraiser told the newspaper.

O’Malley will be the keynote speaker at a Sept. 26 Democratic Party fundraiser in New Hampshire, where the nation’s first primary takes place. He is also planning a California trip later in the month to raise money for his political action committee.

He is also building what Lou D’Allesandro, a New Hampshire Democratic state senator, calls a “series of IOUs” by donating money from his PAC, for example to the New Hampshire Democratic Party in May and to a New Hampshire Democratic congresswoman in June.

In February, 55 percent of Maryland residents approved of how O’Malley was handling his job, according to a Washington Post poll; 79 percent of Democrats approved and only 18 percent of Republicans did.

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