Maybe 2014 won't be such a great election for the GOP after all


Good Thursday morning! It's Aug. 28, 2014, and here's the top of the Washington Examiner lineup:

* Republicans hoping for another wave election like 2010 when they regained the House majority are probably going to be disappointed come November. Examiner Chief Congressional Correspondent Susan Ferrechio says the experts see a ripple coming, not a tidal wave.

* Wave or ripple, the Republican National Committee will be spending big after Labor Day, according to the Examiner's David N. Drucker. But, surprise! Most of the projected $100 million will go on digital GOTV efforts, not television spots.

* Speaking of embattled congressmen, seven of the 10 most frequent frankers in the House of Representatives are among those with the toughest re-election battles. Senior investigative reporter Luke Rosiak isn't convinced that's a coincidence.

* One thing Congress won't be doing this fall — and hasn't done in eight years — is completing work on the 12 major appropriations bills required under the Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974. That's because, according to the Examiner's Sean Lengell, Congress will again adopt a Continuing Resolution instead of a real federal budget.

* Ideas have consequences. So do politicians and their policies. The Congressional Budget Office is now basing its spending projections on the assumption the U.S. economy has seen its best days, reports Examiner economics writer Joseph Lawler.

* And on the Examiner editorial page, the focus is on some questionable stock transactions by House Speaker John Boehner and House Ways and Means Committee Dave Camp. Can they spell b-l-i-n-d t-r-u-s-t?

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