"Me Coming Out To My Mom"
July 24, 2012 AT 7:00 PM
some kid thought it would be a good idea to come out to his mom while she's driving...... c'mon......... just tell her she'll be cool -- hahaha her reaction is priceless. but it's a joke right?... no big deal. yet when mashable posted the story, their readers got all whiny about how Mashable is sucking ass lately annd readers are leaving to go tech crunch or wherever.... so Mashable took it down. youtube on the other hand... it's still there, covered in trolls, consuming all hope for humanity. i'll sum it up with this winner from WilliamTheFloydian: "HAHAHA! I know right, it's almost like these science faggots know for a fact that skin color is affected my the ammount of melanin in your skin, which is in turn affected by exposure to sunlight over time and through generations. LOL FAGGOT SCIENTISTS WHITE PRIDE WORLDWIDE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN I HATE BLACK PEOPLE AND LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC ABRAHAM LINCOLN IS A BUTTHEAD"