Media dogpile on Ted Cruz

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Freshman Sen. Ted Cruz R-Texas is breaking china in the Senate – and the media is responding.

Here are the latest media stories and columns in just 24 hours – reacting to Cruz’s Tea Party firebrand behavior – and fretting about his lack of comity in the Senate.

New York Times: The G.O.P.’s Nasty Newcomer

“When a Vesuvius like John McCain tells you that you belch too much smoke and spew too much fire, you know you’ve got a problem.”

Washington Post: Ted Cruz, making quite an entrance

“Ted Cruz is not going to win Senator Congeniality. Not that he cares. The newly arrived Texas Republican has come out, well, guns blazing — and not just on guns.”

Politico: Ted Cruz comes out swinging

“Sen. Ted Cruz lost his voice a couple days ago. Some senators probably wish it wouldn’t come back — at least for a little while.”

Washington Post: No control of Ted Cruz

“Cruz proved himself to be needlessly combative, lecturing and tone-deaf. Traits that were on display this week when Cruz raised concerns that appeared to question Hagel’s patriotism.”

New York Times: Texas Senator Goes on Attack and Raises Bipartisan Hackles

“Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, sat silent and satisfied in the corner of the chamber — his voice lost to laryngitis — as he absorbed what he had wrought in his mere seven weeks of Senate service.”

Cruz’s response?

“I made promises to the people of Texas that I would come to Washington to shake up the status quo, to fight for conservative principles and to lead a concerted and meaningful effort to end the unsustainable spending, deficits and debt that have been propagated, unfortunately, by members of both parties,” Cruz said to Politico.

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