‘Memories’ details importance of preserving family recipes

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Alexandra Greeley and Anne Snape Parsons, both Slow Food advocates, were inspired by seeing how fast their old-time family recipes were vanishing and decided to create a cookbook around preserving their families’ memories.

This collection of 126 recipes details how sharing delicious, wholesome food creates a bond in family relationships and friendships. The authors interviewed people from around the globe and selected their most valued recipes, complete with cooking tips and kitchen table stories.

"Many people still had Granny’s or Auntie’s recipes, but many of the recipes were written on scraps of paper with no measurements, andthese had to be reconstructed from people’s memories," Greeley said. "We wanted our children and grandchildren to remember the foods that have been passed down from one generation to the next."

The Book

» "Kitchen Memories"

By Alexandra Greeley and Anne Snape Parsons

Published by Capital Books, available online at and

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