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Mexico feels energy buzz with N. America summit

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MEXICO CITY (AP) — The leaders of the three NAFTA nations met Wednesday in Mexico in part to highlight the economic cooperation that has grown since NAFTA joined the United States, Canada and Mexico 20 years ago. But all eyes, including Eugenio Madero's, were on one key area that NAFTA didn't touch: energy.

For Madero and plant owners across Mexico, the more near-term impact could be cheaper electricity.

Madero is CEO of SANLUIS Rassini North America, a Mexico-based maker of suspension and brake systems. The auto industry has embraced free trade by increasingly sending components and vehicles across borders. Madero's company now must import natural gas and electricity from Texas to run its border plant in Coahuila, even though Mexico sits on a vast supply of shale gas it's been unable to tap.

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