Michael Bloomberg: 'I don't know' whether there's a solution to Gaza violence

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Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg lamented Sunday that an accord to stop the bloodshed in Gaza might never materialize.

“Whether there is a solution to the problem, I don't know,” Bloomberg said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

“There's no simple answer to these kinds of things,” he added. “You can't walk in and say, ‘The good guys are wearing white hats and the bad guys are wearing black hats.’ You don't know.”

The conflict between Israel and Hamas is raging on after multiple attempts at cease-fires have collapsed.

Bloomberg recently flew to Tel Aviv, despite the Federal Aviation Administration temporarily banning flights to the region, in an attempt to show Americans that it was still safe to fly to Israel.

And he defended the Israeli government’s actions, even as the Obama administration has expressed concern about the growing number of civilian casualties in the bloody conflict.

“Israel cannot have a proportional response if people are flying rockets at their citizens,” Bloomberg insisted. “Can you imagine if one of the contiguous countries to America were firing rockets at America? The same people who are criticizing the Israelis would be going crazy, demanding the president does more.”

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