Michael Bloomberg's shock ad hints at school shooting during Sandy Hook moment of silence

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The anti-gun movement led by President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is pushing for a national restart of their efforts on Saturday, the one-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn.

Bloomberg is headlining his efforts with a shocking new ad that shows elementary school students holding a moment of silence for the Sandy Hook dead as what seems to be a shooter lugging a duffle bag of guns enters their school.

“Ask yourself, is silence what America needs right now?” asks the ad co-sponsored by Moms Demand Action.

Obama’s Organizing for Action is urging supporters to hold gun control events. Biden sent an email asking supporters to push “universal background checks.”

The National Rifle Association, meanwhile, is running a truth campaign to call out false claims, like those suggesting stronger background checks would have prevented the school shootings.

“Like so much of what underlies the gun prohibition movement, the premise behind Bloomberg's ad and Biden's message is simply not true. In each of the crimes the gun control supporters point to, the guns involved were bought legally, from a firearm dealer, with a background check. No trafficking was involved. And the guns used in the Sandy Hook murders were stolen from their lawful owner, who was also murdered by the perpetrator,” said an NRA blog post.

The NRA also called Bloomberg “America's most meddlesome billionaire,” who is “determined to push his gun control agenda and will exploit any occasion, no matter how crassly, to promote it.”

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