Minn. lab records 3D image of elusive neutrino

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DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — A University of Minnesota physics lab has recorded its first three-dimensional image of a key subatomic particle. It's part of research that scientists hope will give them a better understanding of the universe.

A Duluth News Tribune report ( ) says the 14,000-ton NOvA particle detector near River Ash is being built to study neutrinos. The lab is part of an international collaboration to study the elusive particles, which have little or no mass, no electrical charge and tend not to interact with other matter.

Marvin Marshak is the lab's director and a professor in the school of physics and astronomy. He says it's exciting to see the first tangible results come in.

Studying neutrinos could help scientists learn how the universe was created and how our sun is powered.


Information from: Duluth News Tribune,

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