More devastation at Dixon's Apple Orchard New Mexico
August 23, 2011 AT 7:45 PM
another devastating blow for the dixon apple orchard. as crews were cleaning up from weekend flooding -- the orchard was slammed once again by a wall of wer. our sharon erickson visited the orchard today-- she's live in cochiti with the latest. sharon? antoinette... it's been a rough 24 hours for the mullane family who owns dixon's apples. the road to the orchard is minute thumbnail 12:01 pm closed today... but our cameras were allowed inside as the family continues to dig through the rubble... and decide if there is enough left to rebuild. things are moving at a frantic pace as orchard owner becky mullane drives off to save what's left of her crop. "we came today, we're hoping to salvage whatever we can to help the mullane's out. honestly, there's not much left to salvage." a 15-foot wall of water... captured on a cellphone by a volunteer... was here and gone in less than a minute. "there was nothing we could do. it was a biblical proportion flood is what it was." and mullane says you could hear the water rumbling in the distance... before it ripped through the orchard. "it was cracking. you could actually see trees- big old cottonwood trees breaking down. a lot of dust and a lot of steam." many people were forced to run up this hill to safety... to avoid being swept away by all minute thumbnail 12:02 pm the water and debris. so what's left? not much. these wooden boxes that once held dixon's famous champagne apples... now hold up the roof of the sorting shed and shop-- where customers used to come buy the fruit. "many of the apple trees survived this round of flood waters ... but now the roots are exposed and more rain is expected. the orchard owners say the future of dixon's apples is uncertain." and though the mullane's aren't sure what's in store for the 65-year old orchard that's been in the family for generations... volunteers say it's worth saving. "this is a jewel, a new mexico jewel. is it worth saving- yes. but can it be saved? that's yet to be determined." the mullanes also loss their home in yesterday's flood. this area is expecting more rain over the next week... and it could be three to five years before vegetation on the mountain grows back enough... to protect the minute thumbnail 12:03 pm orchard. live in cochiti.. se koen4.