More than 6 in 10 Republicans oppose GOP's immigration plan

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A majority of Republicans oppose the party leadership's efforts to reform immigration, with 62 percent dead set against giving illegal immigrants U.S. citizenship, according to a new poll.

Although the nation overall leans in favor of immigration reform, the Republicans polled by are against most elements of the proposals being studied in the House, including some of those circulated by Speaker John Boehner at last week's party retreat on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

According to

– 55 percent of Republican are against granting temporary legal status to illegals.

– 57 percent oppose permanent legal status.

– 62 percent oppose granting illegal immigrants U.S. citizenship.

“[S]elf-identifying Republicans are at odds with their party’s leaders on this issue,” said the polling firm.

The poll clearly shows the political divide on the issue, especially since the country overall favors immigration reform by a 49 percent to 41 percent margin.

However, the public is not sympathetic to the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants on U.S. soil. The poll, for example, revealed that most want to make coming to the United States harder. When asked if the U.S. should make it easier or harder for immigrants to enter the nation legally, 41 percent said harder, 24 percent said easier.

It also provided troubling news for the GOP’s handling of the issue. Asked which party voters trust most on handling immigration, Democrats beat Republicans 33 percent to 18 percent. But Americans are clearly upset with both parties: 34 percent don’t trust either on the issue.

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