Morning Examiner: America likes the real Mitt Romney

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For months now, President Obama’s reelection campaign has successfully used 30-second television ads to define Romney as an uncaring robot at best, and a murderous, job-killing, cancer-causing vampire at worst. You could see this in last month’s Pew poll, which showed that only 45 percent of Americans had a favorable view of Romney and only 41 percent said his policies would help the middle class. Overall, Obama led Romney 51 percent to 42 percent in that poll.

But then last Wednesday’s presidential debate changed everything. After Americans had their first opportunity to see the real Romney for 90 minutes, the latest Pew poll now shows that 50 percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of Romney and 49 percent believe his policies would help the middle class. Overall, Romney is now beating Obama 49 percent to 45 percent.

On which candidate has new ideas, Romney now leads 47 percent to 40 percent. On who would do a better job reducing the deficit, Romney leads 51 percent to 36 percent. On who would do a better job improving the job situation, Romney leads 49 percent to 41 percent. And on taxes Romney leads 47 percent to 43 percent.

Obama does still lead on some issues, including Medicare (46-43), health care (47-44), and foreign policy (47-43). But the Pew poll shows that on the biggest issues of the day, jobs and the economy, voters may have finally given up on the president. A firm majority of Americans, 54 percent, believe that Obama doesn’t know how to turn the economy around. If Romney continues to convince Americans that he is a competent and credible alternative to Obama’s failed policies, he will win.

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Lefty Playbook
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