Morning Examiner: House GOP spending bill would checkmate Dems on sequester

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If House Republicans can pass the government funding bill, aka Continuing Resolution (CR), introduced by Appropriations Committee Chairman Hal Rodgers, R-Ky., yesterday, they will have positioned themselves well for a surprise victory over President Obama in the latest government spending showdown.

The CR, which is scheduled to be voted on Thursday, would spend $982 billion trough September, thus honoring the sequestration agreement Republicans struck with Obama in 2011. However, the CR also changes current law to make sequestration less harmful to the nation’s national and border security. For example, billions are taken from Pentagon equipment procurement and research and development and moved into current Defense Department operations and maintenance. A pay raise for federal employees that Obama had ordered to begin in April is rescinded while more money is given to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. You can read a full list of protected defense and border priorities here.

House leadership aides stressed that the CR does not give Obama any extra authority on how to administer the sequestration cuts. Instead, it specifically directs Obama on how to implement existing sequester cuts more wisely. This makes Democrats unhappy.

House Appropriations Committee ranking member Nita Lowey, D-N.Y., told Talking Points Memo, “Although the proposal includes FY2013 Appropriations bills for Defense and Military Construction-VA — which enjoy broad bipartisan support — it is extremely disappointing that the proposal would fund the remainder of the federal government’s critical services and investments for the American people under FY2012 plans and spending levels, enacted 15-18 months ago.” In other words, Lowey and Senate Democrats want to re-prioritize the domestic spending cuts the same way Republicans did for security spending. Problem is, it is unclear if they have a coherent plan or the votes to do so.

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