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Morning Examiner: Marco Rubio alienates conservatives with immigration push

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Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program Friday to sell the immigration deal he made with Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and three other Democrats. It did not go well. “His case for the bill was unpersuasive and, at times, incoherent,” National Review‘s Stanley Kurtz wrote.

Credibility questioned
“Rubio distanced himself from his own bill, refusing to defend its security provisions and at least appearing to claim instead that, as it stands at the moment, the bill is unsatisfactory and undeserving of support,” Kurtz continued. “Yet Rubio has been defending the bill far and wide, even appearing in an ad on its behalf–an ad that touts the bill’s security provisions. If he’s filmed this ad for the bill, he ought to be able to defend its security provisions. If he can’t defend the security provisions as they now stand, why did he consent to be included in the ad?”

Power Line‘s Paul Mirengoff was also unimpressed. “Rubio’s main arguments were pathetic … Rubio first denied that his bill creates a path to citizenship and then argued that the path to citizenship his bill creates is a good thing because it will cause the formerly illegal immigrants to ‘fall in love with America.’ Clearly, Sen. Rubio speaks with a forked tongue.”
How it’s playing in Iowa
The Washington Examiner‘s Byron York emailed some Iowa conservatives over the weekend to gauge their impressions of the probable GOP field. York did not prompt them to talk about immigration reform, but all of them did. “Most Republicans here now see Rubio as the amnesty candidate,” GOP State Central Committee member Jamie Johnson told York.

“Rubio has hurt himself immeasurably with his support of the current immigration bill,” Sioux City conservative radio host Sam Clovis added. “The rule of law still trumps all the feel-good aspects of the bill.”

Looking ahead to 2016
If Schumer-Rubio passes, does Rubio really want to get stuck defending the Obama administration’s implementation of this bill during a Republican primary? Will there be rampant fraud in the implementation of the amnesty portions of the bill? Will the border security measures be working? Will E-Verify be up and running?

It is going to be hard to win conservative votes in a Republican presidential primary if you are also the name most associated with Obama’s biggest second-term domestic policy accomplishment.

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