Morning Examiner: Obama to take break from culture war to push for more spending

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After spending a week pushing culture war issues like gun control and gay marriage, President Obama will head to Miami, Florida, today where he will call for billions in new economic stimulus spending. “We need to make smart, targeted investments to create jobs and boost our economy,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Thursday. “Tomorrow, at the Port of Miami, the president will continue to flesh out some of his – some of his detailed proposals to do just that.”

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has already dismissed Obama’s new job creation efforts, specifically his choice of the Port of Miami as a prop for his speech. “We’re certainly glad President Obama’s coming to the Port of Miami tomorrow but he’s late to the party on Florida port investments,” Scott told The Palm Beach Post yesterday. Florida has spent $425 million on ports since Scott took office. “The federal government, they keep raising regulations. Permitting time takes longer, raising taxes, spending all these things,” Scott said.

It is easy to see why Obama wants to pivot, again, to jobs and the economy. While most Americans like Obama and agree with him on social issues, they have lost faith in his ability to manage the economy and his overall job approval rating has fallen below 50 percent.

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