Morning Examiner: Romney expands the map

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Battleground state presidential polls suggest a very close finish, but look at nearby states on the map, and national polling, and it becomes clear that late-deciding Americans are breaking hard for Romney.

In poll after poll of formerly safe blue states, the Republican is closing ground on Obama, far outpacing Republican totals from 2008:

In 2008, Connecticut went for Obama by 22 points. The latest Mason-Dixon poll has Obama up by just 7.
In 2008, Michigan went for Obama by 17 points. The latest Detroit News poll has Obama up by just 3.
In 2008, Minnesota went for Obama by 11 points. The latest Minneapolis Star Tribune poll has Obama up by just 3.
In 2008, Oregon went for Obama by 16. The latest Oregonian poll has Obama up just 6.
In 2008, Pennsylvania went for Obama by 10. The latest Morning Call poll has Obama up by just 3.

Romney, who along with his Super PAC is making a run at some of these states, will probably not win any of them. But he doesn’t need to. The simple fact that all of them are moving in his direction shows that more and more Americans are looking for a change of leadership in the White House this election year.

And if Gallup is right about the 2012 electorate looking a lot like the 2008 electorate, then Romney should win convincingly next Tuesday.

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Campaign 2012
Polls: A new Quinnipiac University/New York Times/CBS poll finds Obama beating Romney in every swing state, including Florida.
Ohio: The Toledo Blade reports that Chrysler chief executive Sergio Marchione circulated an e-mail to employees telling them that, contra a Romney ad, existing jobs would not be moved to China.
Wisconsin: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that both campaigns are back on the trail in Wisconsin. Obama will stop at the Green Bay airport Thursday night and Biden will campaign in Beloit and Superior on Friday. Romney will campaign in West Allis Friday and Paul Ryan will make stops in Eau Claire, Green Bay and Racine today.
Iowa: Ryan will campaign in Cedar Rapids Friday while Biden will stop in Fort Dodge Thursday.
New Hampshire: The Nashua Telegraph has endorsed Romney over Obama. In 2008, they endorsed Obama over McCain.

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The Wall Street Journal, Home Prices Climb Across Country: The U.S. housing market continued to gain steam in August, with new data showing that home-price increases accelerated over the month while also spreading to more cities across the country.

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