MSNBC host hammers away with good IRS questions: Why aren't Democrats angrier? Why aren't the media offering more coverage?

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Democrats at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on Monday played a curious game: They heaped gushing praise on the Internal Revenue Service while also accusing it of targeting both conservative and progressive groups.

Sure, Democratic praise for the IRS is expected and shouldn't come as too much of a surprise.

But in their haste to write-off the scandal as a non-story by (falsely) claiming that the IRS also targeted progressive groups, meaning it's a bipartisan problem, Democrats on the House panel worked themselves into a corner.

See, how can someone at once lavish praise on the IRS while also accusing it outright of targeting both conservative and progressive groups?

Anyway, that's what MSNBC's Joe Scarborough wanted to know during a panel discussion on Tuesday's "Morning Joe."

“If it was [Reps.] Henry Waxman [D-Calif.] or Darrell Issa [R-Calif.] or whomever, when the IRS gets involved in this sort of play, whether it's against Democrats or Republicans, I think that is the time the Hill should go after him,” Scarborough said, referring to current IRS commissioner John Koskinen.

“I’d love to see some Democrats come out and start pounding this guy too,” he added.

Later, Scarborough took the New York Times to task for running a front page story on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's bridge scandal and not Monday night's contentious IRS hearing.

“Is it possible that the New York Times and Washington Post are not putting on the front page of their newspapers the fact that an internal investigation has been launched against the IRS on the most shady behavior, and yet they put the Pulaski sky bridge whatever on page A-1?” Scarborough asked. “This is garbage.”

Fellow panelist Nicolle Wallace noted that the New York Times’ IRS coverage could be found on A19 of Tuesday’s edition.

Scarborough continued.

“This is why conservatives don’t trust national newspapers. It’s why they don’t trust broadcast news. There’s a double standard, and you can see it on every broadcast. You can see it on the front page of every major newspaper. This is why we don’t trust the national news outlets, because they are so biased and slanted,” he said.

“It’s not the news that they run, even though this is a joke of a story to put on the front page here. It’s the stories they don’t run. It’s the omissions, the acts of omissions when Democrats are in power. It’s stunning."

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