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MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell calls 'Hillary Papers' report 'hearsay' and 'out of context'

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MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell discussed the now-widely read report by the Washington Free Beacon on "The Hillary Papers" -- notes by Hillary Clinton's friend Diane Blair, now archived at the University of Arkansas.

Mitchell explained that while she and her colleagues were discussing the story that broke Monday, she dismissed it as "hearsay" and "out of context."

"It looks like this is the first tranche of oppo research, and why do we want to go back there? And as you say, I don't know the legality of hearsay," Mitchell said to "Morning Joe" co-host Joe Scarborough

"Actually, it's not hearsay," Scarborough admitted, pointing out that he made a misstatement earlier in the program by suggesting it was.

"No. That's what I was saying among us in talking about this yesterday when we were deciding what to do with it," Mitchell responded.

Mitchell reported that Blair had a "girlfriend bond" with Hillary Clinton and that the Blairs were the first overnight guests at the Clinton White House.

She added that Hillary Clinton knew that her friend's notes were made public, carefully explaining that she was not suggesting that the report was "fair game."

"I'm saying what we have seen so far we have taken out of context, and we have read through more of it and there is a lot more about the stress her husband was going through, and she blamed herself and a lot more on the Lewinsky stuff than we read," she concluded.

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