My AP top 25 ballot — Kevin Dunleavy

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Here’s the Associated Press top 25 ballot of Kevin Dunleavy (Washington Examiner).

1. Duke (15-1)

With Kelly in street clothes, Curry limping off, and Sulaimon shooting 0-for-11, they didn’t look like a No. 1 on Saturday. But who has better wins than Kentucky, Minnesota, Louisville, Ohio St. and VCU? Nobody.

2. Louisville (15-1)

No contender passes the eye test as convincingly. But they lost to Duke, can’t make them No. 1.

3. Kansas (14-1)

Have won 13 straight since Michigan St. loss in Atlanta. Could make a case for them to be No. 1.

4. Michigan (16-1)

If Burke’s in-and-out 3-pointer had fallen at Ohio State, Michigan probably would have won and certainly be ranked No. 1.

5. Indiana (15-1)

Most will have them higher this week, but Hoosiers and Zeller have been overrated since preseason.

6. Syracuse (16-1)

Where’s the beef? Only quality win came on a windy aircraft carrier against San Diego State.

7. Arizona (15-1)

Loss at Oregon was no surprise. Wildcats were overdue.

8. Florida (12-2)

Host Missouri on Saturday.

9. Minnesota (15-2)

Host Michigan on Thursday.

10. Gonzaga (16-1)

Who’s the king of the mid-majors? Gonzaga plays at Butler on Saturday.

11. Butler (14-2)

After scary injury, G Clarke appears okay.

12. N.C. State (14-2)

Wolfpack finally lived up to their enormous potential against Duke.

13. San Diego State (14-2)

Tough week – UNLV on Wednesday at Wyoming on Saturday.

14. Creighton (16-1)

At Wichita State on Saturday.

15. Ohio State (12-3)

Michigan was Buckeyes’ first quality win this year.

16. Kansas State (13-2)

Four guard starting lineup still working for the Wildcats.

17. Notre Dame (14-2)

Cooley (15.1 ppg, 11.1 rpg) looming large.

18. Michigan St. (14-3)

Host Ohio State on Saturday.

19. Missouri (12-3)

At Ole Miss, Tigers held SEC scoring leader Henderson to 11 points and still lost by 15.

20. VCU (14-3)

No problem with first two A-10 foes – Dayton and St. Bonaventure.

21. New Mexico (15-2)

Two bad losses (South Dakota State, Saint Louis) but plenty of quality wins, including UNLV last week.

22. Cincinnati (14-3)

After hot start have lost three of last five.

23. Oregon (14-2)

Play at UCLA on Saturday.

24. Illinois (14-4)

Fading fast. Have lost four of their last six.

25. Boise State (13-2)

Broncos have never been ranked, but might be ready now.

Next five

Marquette (12-3)

UCLA (14-3)

U-Conn (12-3)

Wyoming (14-1)

UNLV (14-3)

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