Naya Rivera Calls Mood On Glee Set Terrible

CelebTV Latino
August 27, 2013 AT 2:42 PM
Glee star Naya Rivera tells US Weekly that there’s nothing gleeful about filming the 5th season of Glee, even saying that the mood on the set is terrible. This coming after shooting the tribute episode dedicated to Cory Montieth, who died earlier this year from a heroin and alcohol overdose. Rivera went on to say that Montieth’s memorial episode has helped her mourn and cope with his death. Naya, who plays lesbian cheerleader Santana Lopez, said in a statement that "the entire Glee family is deeply saddened by Montieth’s tragedy." Hoping to cheer up the mood with some glee of her own will be Demi Lovato. The songstress has been cast this season and will play a love interest to Naya.