Neighborhood threatens to sue over Westside stadium New Mexico
March 30, 2011 AT 5:30 AM
The controversy over where to build a new APS sports complex continues and now residents near 98th and I-40 say they're considering a lawsuit to stop the project. The volume from the opposition is definitely getting louder. Tuesday night's public forum was fully packed by concerned neighbors and when officials told them that the stadium would be about 3000 feet from homes, it was met by booing, with people saying that was just too close. The city is also considering buying land in the area to build a regional park. The entire project would include a 7000 seat football stadium, soccer, baseball and softball fields and tennis courts. But residents say the project is moving way too quickly without enough public input and the may sue to put a halt to the project. . "The city and APS have a longstanding history of not planning things throughout, and not thinking things through," said resident Tabitha King