Neil Patrick Harris Throws An Epic Comeback At A Hedwig Heckler During His Broadway Performance!

wochit entertainment
April 21, 2014 AT 8:02 AM
This should be a lesson to never, ever, EVER interrupt Neil Patrick Harris while he's on stage and in the zone! During his Broadway performance of Hedwig and the Angry Itch the How I Met Your Mother actor was rudely disrupted by an overzealous female fan — and here's how it all went down! His admirer screamed from the audience: "I love you, Neil!" To which the actor responded, without breaking character at all: "I’m doing something up here motherF word" But before you go and get offended by NPH's words, he was only responding to the fan in-character since it happened right in the middle of his show! A rep for the committed actor said: "It was all done in good fun and fully in the context of the show. The audience went crazy, and it really was a light-hearted moment." The show must go on!