Netanyahu: Iranian nuclear program is less than a year away from ‘immunity zone’

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the Iranian nuclear program is less than one year away from an “immunity zone” that would insulate it from a military strike, which suggests that he disagrees with President Obama’s timeline, though he emphasized the cooperation on this issue between Israel and the United States.

“If Iran decides to go for a nuclear weapon, that is to manufacture a weapon, then it will take them about a year that is correct,” Netanyahu said during a joint press conference with Obama. He was commenting on the president’s comment last week that “it would take over a year or so for Iran to actually develop a nuclear weapon.”

But Netanyahu suggested that Israel has less than a year to prevent Iran from having the capability to produce such a weapon.

“You need enriched uranium, a critical amount, and then you need a weapon,” he told reporters. “In any case, Iran gets to an immunity zone when they get through the enrichment process — in our view, in our view,” with a degree of emphasis that might indicate that the White House does not have the same red line.

“Whatever time is left, there’s not a lot of time, and every day that passes it diminishes,” Netanyahu added.



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