The new BMW 4 Series Convertible

AutoMoto TV
February 17, 2014 AT 6:58 AM
The new BMW 4-Series Convertible heralds a new era in the premium mid-size range of open cars offered by BMW. The new design language introduced with the BMW 4-Series Coupe is even more evident in this second model of the series, enhancing the appearance of the BMW 4-Series Convertible while setting new standards in terms of dynamics, elegance and extraordinary driving pleasure - with the top up or down. In addition to having its own distinct design, the BMW 4-Series Convertible sets itself apart from its BMW 3-Series cousins through a number of distinguishing technical features. The vehicle's impeccable balance of proportions and characteristic flowing lines stem from the typical BMW short overhangs front and rear, the stretched bonnet and set-back passenger compartment. The striking BMW design features up front - such as the double-kidney grille, twin circular headlights and the large air intakes in the front apron - are keen to display this convertible's family ties with the BMW 3-Series.