New Citroen C4 Picasso Driving Review 2

AutoMoto TV
October 24, 2013 AT 3:38 PM
Alongside the 6-speed manual gearbox available with all the diesel engines (except the HDi 90) a new 6-speed clutchless gearbox is also available: the ETG6 (6-speed Efficient Tronic Gearbox). Delivering improved performance, this new gearbox can be mated with the e-HDi 90 and e-HDi 115 engines. With the ETG6, drivers can switch from manual to automated mode at any time, depending on their requirements and the driving environment. The new gearbox features a creep function and optimised pedal mapping, adjusting power effectively for smoother start-ups and enhanced driveability. It also modulates gear change speeds more precisely, based on driver input, for improved performance and comfort. Optimised gear shift patterns improve efficiency still further.