New newsroom, new glasses for CNN's Wolf Blitzer

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Wolf Blitzer was supposed to be hosting a toast and a ribbon cutting to show off the brand new CNN studio Monday to his Washington colleagues, but he did so with an added plus -- he unveiled a new pair of glasses.

"In order to be capable of anchoring a show for three hours in this new studio, here's what needs to be done," Blitzer began. "You see these glasses over here, they are not worthy of this new studio -- I've had these glasses since the first studio I worked at CNN that was on Wisconsin Avenue in upper Georgetown." And with that -- presto, chango -- Blitzer had swapped his classic wire rimmed glasses to something, dare we say it, a little more hipster?

"I ... feel very hip, very cool, and we'll try them," Blitzer said, showing of his plastic-rimmed frames to Yeas & Nays. "Do you know what the good thing [is] about these glasses?" he asked. "If the viewers don't like them, if they're not good, I can go back to the other ones." Blitzer even surveyed his co-workers in the room to see what they thought. "All those in favor say 'aye'," he said, getting a round of robust ayes. "All those opposed say 'no,' " he continued, getting a smattering of nos. "In the opinion of the chair, the nos have it," joked Sam Feist, CNN's Washington bureau chief.

Blitzer was obviously also stoked about the new 2,200 square foot HD studio as well, complete with a new control room, several "magic walls," and a dividing wall so CNN can broadcast to an American audience and an international audience from D.C. at the same time. "If you go to the real Situation Room in the West Wing of the White House, you will be dazzled by this Situation Room, not that Situation Room -- we make that Situation Room look so '80s, maybe '90s ... they're going to have to fix theirs," he said. "The president has a Situation Room, I have a Situation Room, mine is better."

With the new studio, CNN plans to broadcast election night coverage this year from Washington, something no cable news network has ever done.

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