Newsbreaker Headlines 4/29/2013

April 29, 2013 AT 8:39 PM
NBA center Jason Collins made history today as the first professional athlete to publicly come out as gay -- and reaction was overwhelmingly supportive online and off. 40 billion dollars at stake as the civil trial for the late pop star Michael Jackson began today. The Jackson family suing concert promoter AEG for negligence that they say contributed to the star’s death in 2009. Authorities in Northern California today stepping up their manhunt for a killer who stabbed eight year old Leila Fowler to death over the weekend. Samsung smashed Apple in smartphone sales for the first quarter of 2013, shipping 68 million units compared to the 74 million iPhones. And we’re one small step closer to private space travel: Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship 2 had its first powered flight today, hitting speeds of over 900 miles per hour. If flights continue to go well, you could snag a seat as early as this year... for 200k a pop.