Newt: My ballot fail is like Pearl Harbor

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Not to be outdone by President Obama's claim earlier this week that he is the fourth-greatest president in the history of the United States -- at least in terms of legislative and foreign policy accomplishment in his first two years -- Newt Gingrich compared his campaign's inability to get on the Virginia primary ballot to the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Yesterday, Newt Gingrich's National Campaign Director, Michael Krull, took to facebook tell Newt's supporters that the campaign's failure to make it on the Virginia primary ballot was a set-back, not a 'catastrophe. And that after talking to Newt, they agreed that like America after the attacks on Pearl Harbor, the Gingrich campaign would recover and "stand victorious" in the end.

This is not Newt's first self-serving invocation of Pearl Harbor, either.

I'm not sure what's more offensive. Gingrich comparing his campaign to Pearl Harbor, or saying his Virginia debacle was not a catastrophe and then comparing it to Pearl Harbor. Tell us what you think in the comment section.

By now you've likely heard that our effort to gain access to the primary ballot in Virginia was not successful. This was not due to a lack of effort by our volunteers, but the cumbersome process in Virginia.

We are exploring alternate methods to compete in Virginia - stay tuned.

Going forward, we will be as in-front of the process as possible and with the help of our grassroots volunteers we ...will make all other deadlines.

Newt and I have talked three or four times today and he stated that this is not catastrophic - we will continue to learn and grow. Remember that it was only a few months ago that pundits and the press declared us dead after the paid consultants left. They declared that the decision not to compete in the Ames Straw Poll would mean that Iowans would ignore us. Some will again state that this is fatal.

Newt and I agreed that the analogy is December 1941: We have experienced an unexpected set-back, but we will re-group and re-focus with increased determination, commitment and positive action. Throughout the next months there will be ups and downs; there will be successes and failures; there will be easy victories and difficult days - but in the end we will stand victorious.

To help achieve that outcome we each need to spend the next 24 hours enjoying our families and friends as much as possible. Enjoy their company. Be grateful for them. Gather strength from them. The promise of a better future for our family and friends is the reason we are committed to rebuilding the America we love.

May the spirit of the season fill each of you. Merry Christmas.

Michael Krull

National Campaign Director

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