Newtown family member sends out email plea for gun control on behalf of Obama lobbying group

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Six months after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, the daughter of the school’s principal sent out a plea on behalf of President Obama’s legislative lobbying group to keep pushing for gun control.

Erica Lafferty, whose mother Dawn Hochsprung, died trying to stop the shooter, sent out an emotional plea in an email on behalf of Organizing for Action, asking people to sign onto an online petition aimed at pressuring Congress to pass gun control legislation.

“I’m asking you to join me today, six months after that horrible day, to keep this fight going,” Lafferty said in the email.

“Take action for my mom, Dawn, and the 25 other people who we lost in December.”

Democratic lawmakers continue to push for legislation aimed at reducing gun violence. While it would be virtually impossible to pass a ban on certain types of guns or ammunition, the party belies there is still an opportunity to pass a bill that widens the use of background checks for firearm purchases.

An attempt to pass a background check bill failed earlier this year, but since some of the lawmakers who voted it down faced a backlash from their constituents, Democrats think they can push them to change their minds.

But there has been little movement to support expanding background checks from the lawmakers who originally voted against it, despite pressure from Newtown families.

Lafferty’s email is part of a new push from the families to renew the effort in Congress.

Lafferty said in the email that 1.4 million have signed the online petition.

The families have been meeting with lawmakers on Capitol Hill to help with their push and met privately with President Obama on Thursday.

Twenty-six people died in the Sandy Hook shooting, including 20 children.

Lafferty said in her email that she is about to get married in a dress her mother helped her pick out.

“In the weeks and months after that horrible day, lawmakers from across the country told us, the families of the victims, that they’d take action to make our communities safer,” Lafferty wrote. “What we found out is that, for some of our members of Congress, those were empty promises.”

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