No mercy as ObamaCare deadline looms

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We’re one week from the biggest ObamaCare deadline yet. After March 31, every American will be required by law to have health insurance or pay a hefty fine. President Obama has maintained all along that despite giving carve outs and exemptions to his allies in big business and big labor, he really will let the hammer fall on ordinary Americans who do not obey. We’ll see, but Fox News First bets that stories from uninsured citizens, like these collected by the Associated Press, will continue to pump up the election-year pressure on the president and his party to delay or defang the central provision of his long-suffering law.

[Hapsburg style - President Obama is in Holland today, but his ObamaCare outreach is in Spanish. The president recorded a radio interview with Democrat-allied, Spanish-language broadcaster Univision. In it, the president encourages Latinos to enroll in his program even if others in their households are in the United States illegally. Recent polling found a significant drop in Hispanic support for the troubled health care law.]

Refuseniks - ObamaCare turned four on Sunday, and it’s anything but precocious. Slow to start and unsteady on its feet, the law is viewed with skepticism by most Americans, including those it was ostensibly designed to help: the uninsured. Check out AP’s interviews with a sampling of the millions of uninsured Americans who are opting to disobey the law: “In Thomaston, Ga., it took Alan Thacker two weeks to get his answer online. It wasn’t the one he wanted. ‘I don’t know how many expletives I hurled at the computer - Why are they doing it this way? Morons!’ and other choice words,’ he recalled/ Thacker, 43, works for $7.55 an hour at Burger King, not enough to qualify for a discount plan for himself and his wife through the federal marketplace…Rebecca Carlson…A single mother in Asheville, N.C…earns $11.50 an hour, around $23,000 a year…Covering Carlson and her 14-year-old son under her workplace plan would cost close to $5,000 per year… Carlson said… ‘I have other responsibilities. I can’t tell the power company that I can’t pay the bill’… ‘I love paying taxes,” declares Justin Thompson of Provo, Utah. ‘I think it’s the most patriotic thing I can do’… ‘It is an injustice that our president can tell us to do something like this,’ Thompson said. ‘It’s everything our Founding Fathers fought against.’ Thompson thinks going uninsured is a reasonable risk for him. After all, he says, he’s 28 years old, healthy and financially secure, making about $250,000 selling home automation and security systems last year.” Read it all here.

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