NYT's historic promotion of Dean Baquet, first African-American to lead the paper, marred by outraged feminists

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One thing being lost in the news of Jill Abramson's firing as executive director of the New York Times: Praise for her replacement, Dean Baquet, the first African-American to lead the paper.

Buried in most articles about Abramson's departure or included as a throwaway line before getting back to Abramson, the news of Baquet's historic promotion has taken a backseat to feminist outrage.

The L.A. Times included Baquet in its headlines, but even that mentioned he was replacing Abramson. Politico and New York magazine were the only major organizations to write an article entirely about Baquet at the time of this writing.

Compare that to the numerous headlines Abramson received when she was promoted to be the first woman in charge of the Times.

But Baquet, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, deserves the same treatment for his promotion that Abramson received.

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Ashe Schow

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