Obama 2012: Details of wiretapping law ‘not real sexy’

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During a 2012 interview with Jon Stewart, President Obama dismissed the idea that he had allowed Bush-era wiretapping to continue under his administration.

“I think people have been surprised to see the strength of the Bush-era warrantless wiretapping laws and those type of things, not also be lessened — that the strictures he put in place that people might have thought were government overreach, and that maybe they had a mind that you would, perhaps, tone it down,” Stewart noted during his interview. “You haven’t.”

“Well, the truth is,” Obama explained, “We have modified and built a legal structure and safeguards in place that weren’t there before on a whole range of issues.”

“Now, they’re not real sexy issues,” Obama added dismissively. “They’re not the kind of things that you’re gonna …”

“You don’t know what I find sexy,” Stewart interrupted.

Obama then turned the conversation to Stewart’s relationship with the book “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

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