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Obama asks followers to peddle Obamacare during holidays

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President Obama spoke over the phone with Organizing For Action activists Nov. 18, asking them to spend the holidays promoting his unpopular health care plan.

"As we go into this holiday season, we have to remember the conversations that we've got around the dinner table, when we're talking to co-workers at a Christmas party, when we're out there in our communities, our churches, our synagogues, all our places of worship, now is the time to remind people that look, we've got to make sure that everybody takes advantage of the opportunity to get affordable care for the first time," Obama said.

Obama claimed he was "taking responsibility" for the problems with, which he acknowledged were feeding some of the doubts and misinformation about the program.

"Eventually, its going to be the easiest place to shop for health care," Obama said, reminding his most loyal followers that more than 12 million people have visited the site since it's launch.

Obama also said he was confident that the website would be functioning for the "vast majority of folks" by the end of November, but that supporters should continue finding other ways to enroll people.

"We've always understood that we're gonna have to enroll people by mail, we're going to have to enroll people over the phone, we're going to have to enroll people in person," Obama said.

Obama thanked the activists on the call for their work on his behalf during and following his 2012 re-election campaign:

"You guys have lifted me up and lifted each other up at every step of the way, and I know that you're going to keep on doing that."

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