Obama, Dems pressure House GOP on climate change

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President Obama’s campaign apparatus began pressuring House Republicans this week to take up climate change, a key tenet of his second term agenda.

Organizing for America launched a social media-based effort to go after global warming skeptics in Congress, targeting 135 Republicans in the House. Activists also crashed GOP offices across the country Tuesday and presented them with trophies donned with a unicorn and embroidered with “Congressional Climate Denier Award.”

The OFA website posted a map to look up by state lawmakers that have questioned climate science research.

Republicans called the renewed focus on climate change a distraction from the issues facing the country. The National Republican Congressional Committee poked fun at OFA for its Washington global warming event, which they said was washed out.

“We already knew that Organizing for Action, President Obama’s former campaign arm, was going to ignore jobs and the economy during the group’s ‘Action August,’” the NRCC wrote on its website. “We were’t [sic] surprised that this announcement came just days after the President’s ‘pivot’ back to the economy. But we are a little surprised that, apparently, even liberals aren’t showing up to push the President’s unpopular big government agenda.’”

Most Republicans back in their districts for the August recess are hearing constituents concerns about the Affordable Care Act and a conservative effort to defund it or the immigration reform efforts circulating Congress. But Obama, who put green energy investments and action on climate change of his platform, and his supporters are using the weeks off to go after Republicans on a number of other issues.

Other Democrats have joined in on the pressure.

“It’s time to stop entertaining the climate change deniers,” tweeted Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, using the hashtag “#ScienceSaysSo.”

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