Obama disses 'Auntie' one last time: Skips her funeral to golf

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President Obama's aunt Zeituni Onyango passed away earlier this month, but as family members gathered for her funeral, one person was noticeably absent - her nephew.

Where was he? Not dealing with important domestic issues or the crisis in Ukraine. No, Obama was on the golf course.

“Mr. Obama helped pay funeral expenses and sent a condolence note, Ms. Onyango's family members said, but the president did not attend, as he was golfing,” wrote Jason Horowitz of the New York Times. Onyango was the half-sister of Obama's father, Barack Obama Sr.

This would be roughly Obama’s 166th round of golf of his presidency.

Horowitz also noted how, despite once calling Onyango “auntie,” Obama had distanced himself from his relative, who family members said once cared for Obama's newborn daughter, Sasha, during his time as an Illinois state senator.

When Obama found out during the 2008 election that Onyango’s visa had expired and she was in the country illegally, he returned her campaign contributions.

When Onyango was granted asylum in 2010, Obama made no comment, and has continued to distance himself from members of his family.

Skipping her funeral to play golf was just the final indignity for a family member who had embarrassed him politically.

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