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Obama has ignored the quarter of the country that does not agree with him

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President Obama has completely ignored six states that are firmly in Republican control and only visited seven other red states once, according to The New York Times. Nearly ignoring 25 percent of the country because its not part of his base is a far cry from being the "post-partisan" president that Obama campaigned as in 2008.

Obama has never visited Arkansas, Idaho, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota or Utah as president. He has only visited Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Tennessee and Wyoming once each. Compare that to President George W. Bush, who visited every state in the country except Vermont. And while Obama has avoided red states like the plague, Bush traveled to blue states regularly (he visited California 22 times during his presidency).

The states that Obama has ignored weren't all low-electoral-vote states either. Seven of the states offer five or more electoral votes, and in total, the ignored states represented 62 electoral votes. Maybe it wasn't prudent during the election to visit states he had no hope of winning, but he doesn't need to campaign again. Why is he still ignoring a quarter of the country? Can he not find time between golf outings and multi-million dollar vacations to visit the people he is supposed to represent?

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