Obama keeps silent about campaign finance ruling at high-dollar fundraiser

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With top Democrats decrying the Supreme Court's campaign finance ruling Wednesday, President Obama took a different course, choosing not to mention it at all in his speech before a group of wealthy donors.

The court's ruling allows donors such as the 25 people contributing "up to $32,400" to the Democratic National Committee on Wednesday night to donate to as many candidates as they want to support.

White House deputy press secretary Josh Earnest said that Obama was "disappointed" by the decision. "I think Justice Breyer summed up the disappointment rather cogently in his argument when he said that taken together with Citizens United, 'today’s decision eviscerates our nation’s campaign finance laws, leaving a remnant incapable of dealing with the grave problems of democratic legitimacy that those laws were intended to resolve,' " Earnest said.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., denounced the ruling Thursday morning, though she admitted that Democrats will benefit from it just as easily as Republicans.

"It doesn't make it right," she said.

And Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said Wednesday that he would like to ask Justice Anthony Kennedy, one of the five justices who voted with the majority, "do you know how you're ruining democracy in this country?"

But Obama didn't say anything about it in Chicago.

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