Obama plummets among liberals, Hispanics, youth

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Paul Bedard,Washington Secrets,Barack Obama,President

The re-election thrill for supporters of President Obama is gone.

Not only has his disapproval rating hit 50 percent in a new Zogby Analytics poll, three points worse than last month, but the president's support among blacks, Hispanics, liberals, younger voters and Democrats over all has nosedived as his administration has struggled with the economy, a snooping scandal and muddled responses to Egypt and Syria.

Zogby, who pens the weekly Secrets Obama Report Card, just revealed his new data showing support for the president among those groups. For comparison, he also provided Secrets with the level of support those constituencies gave the president in the 2012 election.

— Democrats: Currently Obama has an 82 percent approval rating. It was 92 percent on Election Day.

— Liberals: 74 percent now, 86 percent on Election Day.

— Hispanics: 65 percent vs. 71 percent.

— Youth: 51 percent vs. 60 percent.

— African Americans: 83 percent vs. 91 percent.

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