Obama super PAC exec says Romney could win Wisconsin: ‘suddenly become dicey’

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Teddy Johnston, the national finance chairman for the official Obama super PAC, Priorities USA Action, confessed to donors that he is afraid Mitt Romney will win Wisconsin.

Johnston said that Wisconsin has “suddenly become dicey” during a fundraiser at the Democratic National Convention, according to the Sunlight Foundation. Wisconsin is a perennially-tempting, but historically-disappointing, battleground state for Republicans. The Romney team hope that vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan, who hails from a swing-district of Wisconsin, will help flip that traditionally-blue state into the red column this November.

The super PAC, which produced a video blaming Romney for a woman’s death by cancer, will continue with its negative attacks.

“So far, we’ve had, you know, had some success,” Johnston said. “The states where we’re up and running, we’ve seen [Romney’s] negative numbers move up.”


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