Obama to plot fall strategy with Capitol Hill Dems next week

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President Obama will huddle with House Democrats on Capitol Hill next week to hash out a party-wide strategy on the economy and the roll-out of the central part of his health care law this fall.

The president’s meetings will take place Wednesday morning first with House Democrats, then with Senate Democrats, according to a Democratic official familiar with the plans.

The White House convened the meetings to coalesce Democrats around the same talking points as they head home to their districts for the August recess.

Organizing for Action, a nonprofit group with close ties to Obama that was founded to help promote his second-term agenda, sent out a release Friday pledging to make this August “hard for Speaker John Boehner, [R-Ohio,] to forget. The email included an “I’m in” button to click to “be a part of ‘action August.’”

This August is particularly pivotal for both parties as they prepare for several fall budget battles with a deadline over raising the debt-ceiling expected in September.

Obama tried to get an early start in shaping the fall debate with three economic speeches last week. He’ll travel to Tennessee Tuesday to continue trying to frame this fall’s fiscal fights.

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