Obama upside down one year after second inaugural

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It was one year ago today that President Obama took the oath of office to begin his second term. His job approval rating of 52 percent at the time was good enough that the president felt empowered to offer a boldly liberal vision for the next four years. Global warming, gun control, same-sex marriage, amnesty for illegal immigrants, increased taxes and spending and other priorities for the president’s political base all got attention in a speech that is remembered for Obama’s assertion that “collective action” was required. So how is he doing today? Well… The agenda is pretty much kaput, the president having whiffed completely on gun control and (so far) been thwarted on “comprehensive” immigration changes. Gay couples are increasingly able to marry, but that has seemingly little to do with Obama and much to do with courts and state voters. Global warming is as frozen an issue as a popsicle in a polar vortex. But what about that approval rating? It has flipped completely. The Real Clear Politics Average that showed 52 percent approving of Obama’s performance and 43 percent disapproving a year ago now shows the exact opposite: 52 percent today disapprove of the way Obama is doing the job, while 43 percent approve.

[Watch Fox: Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, discusses President Obama’s stalled agenda in the 11 a.m. ET hour]

President Obama
is set to meet with members of the commission he appointed to probe long-lines that confronted urban voters in the 2012 election. The claim that some mostly-Democratic precincts were intentionally hobbled by Republicans seeking to suppress minority votes has long been a popular conspiracy theory on the left. Even if Obama’s bipartisan commission doesn’t oblige those who see a nefarious red hand in the long lines, Democrats still have their election-year talking points on minority vote suppression ready to go. Vice President Joe Biden used the occasion of Martin Luther King Day to attack the GOP for supporting rules requiring voters to show identification before casting ballots. “I never thought we’d be fighting the fight again on voting rights,” Biden told MSNBC host Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. “Our opponents know the single most dangerous thing to give us is the right to vote.”

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