ObamaCare: Americans not fond of this 4 year old

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Like party-goers who wish they weren’t invited, as ObamaCare hits its fourth birthday this Sunday a new poll shows Americans don’t much like the birthday boy. And who can blame them?  Born of highly-partisan passage in 2010 by a then Democratic-controlled Congress without a single favorable Republican vote, the president’s signature health law has unleashed a cascade of confusion via a disastrous rollout, millions of policy cancellations and sticker shock. Results of the latest Pew Research survey show 53 percent of respondents disapprove of the entitlement program, while 41 percent approve. Opposition to the health law is just one point shy of the poll’s all-time high. This can’t be a welcome gift as team Obama continues its feverish enrollment push to reach a scaled-down goal of six million ObamaCare sign ups by March 31.

The breakdown - Equally damaging to the White House: its effort to boost enrollment among Hispanics is falling flat. Pew finds a dramatic drop in Hispanic support for the health law from September when 61 percent approved of ObamaCare. Now, despite a flurry of appearances on Spanish television by President Obama, only 47 percent approve of the program. While young people, another critical group remain split, some 32 percent say they disapprove very strongly of the president’s signature healthcare law. If the administration can’t convince enough of these young invincibles to enroll the impact on insurance risk pools could result in even higher premium costs for all.

Say What? - Though many in her party are feeling vulnerable come the midterm elections due to the unpopularity of the heath law, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., claimed ObamaCare is a “winner.” “We don't weigh its value as to what it means politically. We weigh its value as to what it means to the health, well-being, economic and health security of America's families, Pelosi gushed adding, “We just couldn't be prouder.”

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